About Us

In the aftermath of liberalization and globalization, Indian industrial and corporate arena witnessed thrilling, but tricky times in the second half of the 20th century. Manufacturing got into an upswing, a certain bustle and buzz for business was everywhere and markets were going through a whole lot of upheavals. In the midst of all these changes and churnings, Airfluid Engineers and Equipment was established in 1998 as an out-and-out trading company dealing in water pumping-solutions. The founder was Mr. K. S. Bhatia, an entrepreneur of the highest pedigree who has had a blazing, relentless zeal with sheer perseverance which transforms every ambition into accomplishment for him.

An ISO 9001:2008-certified company, with the main office nestled in the lovely surrounds of Chandigarh, Airfluid grew from strength to strength and today is a big name in the trading circles of the country.

Airfluid has been definitely one of the first water-pump-providing companies in India, which has been scaling up on a daily-basis with a team exploring and executing extremely well against the opportunities. Considering the increasing dependence on modern water pumping technology, we are delivering a vast variety of water-pumps to the customers.

This is an exciting point in Airfluid’s journey as it accelerates its trade across the country building a brand that redefines the water-management applications and achieves a global mark with a consummate ease.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be a world-class water management solution provider company. We are providing innovative technology solutions, products and services to the customers to meet their varied requirements. We are dedicated to bringing the most valuable water and environmental solutions to the customers at their doorstep.


Our mission is to make the Indian water management segment an organized one. We aim to be a biggest supplier of trustworthy water pumps/fire fighting equipment/engineering products and many more in the country.


A reservoir of committed and hugely skilled people with cross-functional co-operation and combined competence is always on the toes to take the company into the higher echelons of the Indian industrial spectrum. Every member has a definite and defined task. Marketing professionals continuously discover new business-contours and people engaged in operations and logistics monitor the entire process till the product is delivered to the client smoothly and timely. This is their skill and commitment that has given us the conviction to dream big and confront any challenge as a mission.

We play a perfect bridge between the top-notch manufacturers and retailers of the water pumping-solutions and over a period of time, riding on the accurate compliance of the quality-norms of global standards and customer-centric strategies, we have expanded ourselves to electro-mechanical engineering products for varied industries, allied water-utility-products and related services.

We offer services

Water Management Consultancy

Providing all types of water utility solutions including consulting, commissioning and selection of pumps for various applications.

Servicing all types of Motors and Pumps

We install, and repair all types of water pumps, motors and valves with technically advanced machines.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

We offer different packages and solutions for different industries including construction and emergency services companies who requires a fast and best solution.


We started the business as a trader, but simultaneously also grown as a contractor in the water supply management segment. We have done a number of projects for different commercial buildings as well as industrial developments. We are one of the main water pump supplier who is supplying water-utility apparatus and solutions of numerous top-tier brands of water-utility-applications as our associates’ needs. As a trading company, we have always been in the pursuit of perfectionism. We possess a strong customer-base in northern India, i.e. Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K and Delhi and vicinity.

Subsequently, we strive hard day-in and day-out to grow better and bigger. We are all geared up to extend ourselves in the remaining parts of the country. We aspire to ensure our presence and extract robust business in the urban and the rural parts with the same involvement and exactitude. We intend to blast the industry and launched Pumpkart.com and Motowala.com to make this unorganized sector, a highly organized one.

We are working as a leading

Supplier & Distributor

We are supplying water pumping systems, water-utility apparatus and many other solutions for different water-utility-applications to our associates. Increasingly, we are bringing modern and conventional technologies together to make people life easy.

Plumbing and Fire Fighting Contractor

We provide different plumbing, water-heating and fire-fighting system components through our network to our clients including hospitals, residential homes, hotels, housing association and many more.

Water Heating Specialist

We evaluate the best options of water heating and enables renewable energy sources to deliver efficient and safe energy solutions at at commercial and non-commercial level.

Our Products

We at Airfluid Engineers and Equipment first of all get confident of the product’s quality and effectiveness at the desired parameters of excellence and then bring it into the spectrum of trade. The quality of a product is paramount for us. Before installation, our in-house quality-experts appraise and inspect every water-pump or the ancillary product in respect with various contractual, statutory and regulatory requisites and then authorize it to be traded through our channel.

Each and every product at Airfluid represents excellence, durability, reliability, and comfortable performance. Additionally, the range of our products is huge and diverse. We have Domestic Pumps like Booster Pumps, Monoblock Pumps, Car-washing pumps, Drainage Pumps etc. We have Submersible Pumps like Borewell Pumps, Drainage Pumps, Waste Water Pumps, Open Well Pumps etc. We have Agriculture Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, Solar Pumps, Commercial Pumps, Circulator Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps and different prominent accessories.

Apart from providing a huge assortment of water-pumps, we also excel in providing water-management consultancy-services and servicing for all kinds of water-motors and pumps. We have already a number of Service Centres running in Punjab and in the immediate future we plan to set up similar centres in other parts of the country.

Cooling and air-conditioning systems, groundwater-supply, heating and hot water service-systems, pressure-boosting and liquid transfer systems, domestic water-supply system, sewage and waste-water management services, we are a complete water-management-solution-provider.


Having qualitative products from manufacturers and doing time-bound delivery to retailers and concurrently providing fool-proof water-management consultancy-services and servicing for all kinds of water-motors and pumps to the direct clients is a feature ingrained in our system.

We truly are associated with a domineering and an outstanding list of brands representing different sectors. We have always respected and cherished various precise requirements of the final buyers. We understand their demands through our marketing recruits who always capture the essence of the changing market for us.

We take great pride in the fact that we have been a water-management-equipment-contractor for the clients like Taj, Elante Mall, J W Marriott etc. With the ever-increasing list of the clients and adherence to the immaculate quality of our products and services, we are upbeat to achieve a national recognition among the top water pumping-solution-providers of the country, sooner than later.

Our Partners

Airfluid has been definitely one of the first water-pump-providing companies in India, which has been scaling up on a daily-basis with a team exploring and executing extremely well against the opportunities.

We strongly consider that Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, launched by our esteemed Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, has the greatest potential to transform the lives of all Indians and we earnestly want to make our contribution in this initiative through our services. We started www.swachhbharat.in to support this initiative and take it at national and local level collectively.

We know for the fact that clean water, well-functioning drainage, sewage and water-waste-management, elimination of stagnant water-bodies, etc. will be critical for this initiative and we see our water-pumps and water-management consultancy play a big role all through.

An online pump-store, www.pumpkart.com is a prime illustration of the fact. Considering the growing infiltration of the internet in our lives and increasing dependence on digital devices, we run a one-stop-shop for a vast variety of water-pumps. Whereas, for a complete 24 hours emergency services, we have started www.motorwala.com

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